WWDC 2016 – Apple provides tickets via Lottery System

With the 2016 WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference), Apple is providing the widely popular tickets via a lottery system.  Developers can begin the application process for tickets and registration goes through April 22, 2016 at 10pm.   This year, Apple is giving access to over 1,000 Apple engineers to the attending developers, and they will more »


Tim Cook’s email to Apple employees about Apple and the FBI

Nearly a week into the debate between the FBI and Apple over the San Bernardino, CA. terrorist’s locked iPhone, Tim Cook stands firm the Apple will not unlock the device for the FBI. Earlier this morning, Cook sent a mass email out to the Apple employees, explaining the situation. Apple has also posted a customer message on their site, so that everyone can review their posture.

Who can get free exposure during the Super Bowl, Apple, that’s who

Believe it or not, Apple did not spend any money to advertise during Super Bowl 50. That sounds crazy, right? Of course, why wouldn’t they put together another great Ad, like the classice 1984 Apple spot that launched their awakening?

iPhone 7: Concept, Reality or Dream

Rumors are still flying around that the iPhone 7 will be released this year (2016).  Nothing official from Apple at this point, only a lot of speculation and hype. Flush mount camera, thinner, lighter, more durable, both a front AND rear screen.  No button, ports, connectors, etc.  Apple’s concept is to go completely wireless and more »

Apple to release second Beta for iOS 9.3 to Developers

Apple has set the second beta for iOS 9.3 out to developers on Monday, January 25th, just about two weeks after the initial release of the updated OS.  This comes after last month’s public release of iOS 9.2.  Seems as though the update track for new releases is coming faster than ever.  It is true that more »

Google Paid for Search: Pays Apple $1B to remain main iOS search engine

It has been reported by Bloomberg, that Google paid Apple and astonishing $1B so that it could remain the default Search Engine on the iOS platform.  Funny how companies that constantly battle with each other have no problem paying to play with each other.  How do you think the PR firm for Google and Apple more »

Can Apple tackle the big boys of Network TV

With the growth of Apple TV and other streaming services, it has been a struggle for these new streaming service providers to get together with the big Networks.  ESPN  has been reported as wanting to open a dialog and work with Apple on its streaming service and ESPN President, John Skipper has said that he more »


Review: The Uplift Adjustable Height Sit Stand Desk

Start basic, expand as you grow used to it, and never look back.

Review: Powerit Portable Jump Start & Power Supply Kit

It could become part of your mandatory roadside (or fireside) emergency kit.

The ONE Music Group offers MFI-certified smart pianos

Tickle the ivories on the world’s first and currently only upright, Apple MFi-certified piano on the market.

LaserSoft Imaging’s Print Calibration software for everyone

Now, inexpensive and expensive printers can all get the same benefits.


Marvel’s Ant-Man coming to Zen Pinball

Marvel and Zen Studios team up for movie tie-in table.