Call of Duty: WWII, A return to gaming excitement

The return to War! The new COD WWII game will certainly entertain and engage at every turn and screen. From the opening of the game throughout the different maps and boards, you will have a riveting experience of a WWII fighter. COD WWII proves to be a great return to the series.

Gaming Hall of Fame update – Grand Theft Auto III, Sonic, Space Invaders among new entries

This year’s Gamers HOF inductees include: Grand Theft Auto III, Space Invaders, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Oregon Trail, The Legend of Zelda and the Sims.                       This year’s HOF games will join last year’s group which included Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers, Tetris, Doom, Pong and more »


Microsoft XBOX to support Cross-Network Play

In an amazing announcement, Microsoft has stated that it will support cross-network play.  Yes, that is correct, Microsoft, of all companies is on board with this.  This would allow users of the XBOX system to join gamers of other systems with cross-platform games (Madden, COD, etc.) in battle or sport.  Imagine now being able to more »

NEO: Sony PS4.5 rumors

I am surprised that it took Sony, or anyone this long to actually name a gaming OS, or for that matter that no one has used it for any OS, Neo.  The rumors are flying around the Internet that the upcoming Sony PS4.5 update will be code named NEO.  There is really no official word more »

Top Ten Searched Games of 2016

See the Top Ten searched games of 2016. We show you the games and a brief description of each. Enjoy the read and hopefully you find the games as entertaining as we do.

Walking Dead game from Overkill delayed until 2017

Starbreeze released information that they have formed a partnership with a Korean game company named Smilegate.  This announcement goes along with the delay of Overkill’s The Walking Dead VR Experience game.  Smilegate will lead the publishing and distribution of games into the Asian markets. The deal also includes expansion of content within the game for more »