Home Automation with Crestron

It seems as though Crestron wants to rule the Home Automation market.  They are constantly coming out with new features and products to fully automate your home life.  They want you to have “A Simpler Life At Every Time of Day” as they put it.  This is not a paid advertisement, just a post about more »

Amazon Echo soon to rule the home

Amazon Echo  For anyone who is not familiar with the Echo, it is the modern day assistant that is starting to outshine Siri, Cortana and all other electronic assistants and voice controlled smart boxes. Echo is fast becoming the “go to” voice assistant in the marketplace.  There are still some issues with which device or more »

Smart Home, let’s start in the kitchen with the Smart Fridge

When we think of Smart Homes and appliances, the refrigerator is probably the first thing that should jump right out at us.  It is the first thing we go to to satisfy our thirst and hunger.  Instead of getting up and going to look in the fridge to see what ya got, just pull out more »