Who can get free exposure during the Super Bowl, Apple, that’s who

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Believe it or not, Apple did not spend any money to advertise during Super Bowl 50.  That sounds crazy, right?  Of course, why wouldn’t they put together another great Ad, like the classice 1984 Apple spot that launched their awakening?  After all, this was Super Bowl 50!  So many viewers, so much market out there watching and waiting to see, much to many of us sports nuts chagrin, all of those commercials.

But wait, who said Apple wasn’t coming to the party?  You don’t think they were involved at all?  Think again, Apple was shown more times than you may have thought and boy did they become the biggest winner in my mind.  Why pay anything for a 30-second spot, when you can have others showcase you for free.


Here, take a look at just a few examples:

First off, you had a T-Mobile commercial, where they had”stream all you want” spot that actually mentioned/”screamed” Apple Music at everyone (spelled out with the Apple logo).

Apple Music T-Mobile


The Kia Optima Commercial, which started out with beige socks as its draw, showed, after using a multi-colored sock and it becoming Christopher Walken’s sock puppet, we see the in-dash LED screen showing…Apple Car Play:

Kia Car Play


No write-up needed (BAM!, right in your face.  Who better than Arnold to show what phone to play on?):

Mobile Strike Apple

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