Can Apple tackle the big boys of Network TV

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With the growth of Apple TV and other streaming services, it has been a struggle for these new streaming service providers to get together with the big Networks.  ESPN  has been reported as wanting to open a dialog and work with Apple on its streaming service and ESPN President, John Skipper has said that he would be open to doing business and working with Apple.  You can read the entire article on this on the Wall Street Journal’s site.

With the increased cost of traditional cable services, the streaming service providers have an opportunity to provide packaged channels for subscription fees per month as add-ons for the streaming service.  Sling (Dish Network) has a deal with ESPN already in which subscribers pay $20/month for the bundle.

I think over time, the cool nature of streaming will increasingly become just as bogged down and expensive as traditional cable.  I think the catch here will be that streaming users won’t really see that all of the bundles actually cost them the same as cable.

Apple is hoping to get ESPN and other on board, so that it becomes yet another draw onto the Apple TV platform where you can get anything you want, just what you want and no more, like the shopping channels that no one really watches, using the streaming service.

Interesting to see how the power play goes here and if Apple is able to get a deal done and then see who follows next.

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