Virtual Reality: VR Handsets, All the Rage

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To say that Virtual Reality is the new rage is an understatement.  Who would have thought that the gaming era of many years ago that thought up this endeavor, would ever really see this as a wave of…well, Reality!  With Google leading the charge with a cardboard box even.  We see that Google has appointed Clay Bavor, their former VP of Product Management of Google Apps, to head up the new Google VR division as it’s VP.

Clay Bavor is credited with being the one who helped push the Cardboard VR viewer, and frankly, not something any of us would have ever thought Google would tout.  Really, a cardboard box from Google?  Fast forward and now we see a brand new division being started off of that.

There are many players in this space from well known vendors like Oculus Rift through to companies in the gaming industry like Sony with its Playstation.  I think we will first see the wonder and growth of this in gaming, as it was started many years ago before the technology was in place to make it happen on such a large scale.  With how Smart Phones and Tablets have taken over our lives, we see a quick and easy foray into this VR world.  Will we all get lost in this world and never come out, or wonder what world we are in – can you say Total Recall?

To see more about Google Cardboard, visit Google’s Cardboard page.

And, being a tech geek, I am a bit paranoid and feel that at some point, we will all be living under Skynet, Total Recall (Arnold or Colin) and Minority Report.  Beware and forewarned.

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