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New Cognistx App Will Change the Way You Shop

Modern day high-tech marketing is fraught with inaccurate recommendations and suggestions for items already purchased. It also has a reputation for giving consumers the impression that their privacy is being violated by bots that monitor their web browsing habits. Cognistx is a soon-to-be-released app that promises to change that.

What you should know about the OS X flaw

The latest version of OS X includes a new bug that is being exploited by hackers. The bug enables hackers to install malware on a Mac, even without a password.


New tech developments could revolutionize how we store green energy

As operating costs continue to rise, green energy is becoming more prominent in both the consumer and enterprise spaces. Companies and consumers alike are looking to conserve energy, waste fewer resources and spend less money. The sentiment is definitely understandable. That’s why a variety of new and unique technologies are in the works to help more »


Singapore just made augmented reality stamps a real thing

Augmented and virtual reality tech is growing more popular by the minute. The difference between the two — if you don’t already know — is one takes place in a completely digital world while the other merges digital elements with that of the real world. Unlike VR tech, augmented reality devices allow you to interact with the real world in unique ways.

The Technology Behind Fishnet Art

Janet Echelman isn’t your typical artist. Far from the traditional image of a lone painter standing at her easel with only a brush and paint palette, she works in conjunction with entire teams to build enormous public art displays.


5 Things You Didn’t Know About IP Cameras

Want a security camera for your home or office? An IP camera might be the way to go.

8 SharePoint Tips for Greater Productivity

Want to make SharePoint work for you? Here are 8 things you should know.

All Aboard Florida bringing high-tech transportation to The Sunshine State

Florida residents will soon be able to travel from one part of the state to another – city to city – quickly and efficiently without the need to drive. What are we talking about?

Apple Introducing a 12.9-Inch Tablet in the iPad Pro

As if your normal iPad wasn’t enough, Apple is introducing a newer, bigger iPad Pro.

Smart Grids 101: Connectivity of the Future

The Obama administration has included $3.5 billion in grid modernization in its budget for the 2016 fiscal year. On top of that, the smart grid IT market is expected to double by 2024 and the future for implementation of smart grid technology is all but certain, with cities like Austin, Chicago and Sacramento leading the more »

Turn anything into gold with Orbit1’s pocket electroplating device

Cover your 3D-printed projects in gold with the Orbit1 pocket electroplating gadget.

How this Korean nanogenerator could revolutionize the future of wearables

Korean researchers may have made a huge step in creating better wearable tech.