Lowepro waterproof camera bag review

Cameras and water don’t mix but a waterproof camera bag makes it possible to protect cameras on rivers, lakes, or the ocean. On a recent rafting trip of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho, I was thankful that I had the Lowepro BP 40L backpack to keep my camera equipment dry along the 90-plus miles of whitewater splashing into the boat on the 6-day ROW adventures expedition.

Think Tank Streetwalker Camera Backpack -Cure for Photographer Backaches

In my recent quest for the perfect camera bag, I’ve been trying out a Think Tank backpack and modular belt. The [easyazon-link asin=”B001OOKFJM” locale=”us”]Think Tank Streetwalker Pro Backpack[/easyazon-link] and [easyazon-link asin=”B0032BH46M” locale=”us”]Pro Speed Belt[/easyazon-link] with modular accessory bags has proven to be comfortable, good protection, and makes it easy to access my equipment. Actually, I more »

Finding the right camera bag

Perhaps you received a bundle when you bought your DSLR that included a camera bag and a tripod. It seemed like a good deal until you put your telephoto lens in the bag, and in your haste to get a shot, you didn’t connect the buckles. The bag tipped and the lens dropped to the ground. I’ve had it happen to me and have seen it happen to others.


R.I.P. iPhoto: First look and tips for Yosemite’s Photos app

For all those who love the Photos apps on iPad and iPhone, it will come as good news that the same format has arrived on the Photos app on Macs with Yosemite. The 10.10.3 update includes the Photos app that completely replaces iPhoto and changes everything about how we manage photos on a Mac. Here more »

Tickr X: best heart rate monitor and bonus for runners

It may be a bold statement to say that Wahoo’s Tickr X heart rate monitor transmitter is the best I’ve ever tried in the past 15 years, but this is no ordinary workout strap.

Samsung acquires LoopPay

Using a LoopPay fob digital wallet to pay in stores, taxis, and restaurants, has replaced my wallet, better than ApplePay, but it’s about to change as Samsung has acquired LoopPay as a fully owned subsidiary. The technology doesn’t require bank or store participation as it uses Magnetic Secure Transmission that can be read by POS (point of sale) as if a credit or debit card has been swiped.

Use LoopPay and truly leave your wallet at home

LoopPay delivers on what ApplePay, Google Wallet and CurrentC can only dream about: it allows you to leave your wallet at home. LoopPay’s bluetooth devices use MGT—Magnetic Secure Transmission— instead of the NFC (near field communication) technology in Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Getting the shot with Izzi Remix lens iPhone case

With Izzi’s new Remix lens iPhone case you always have lenses to enhance your iPhone pictures immediately available. The five-in-one lenses fit over the iPhone camera lens for wide angle, macro, and telephoto pictures. It’s a simple solution to get more from your best camera—the iPhone that you always have with you. While picture quality is generally good, the case has a few issues.