Here’s what you can control in a smart home

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Are you intrigued by the concept of the smart home? Curious about all the things you can control? You came to the right place.

You might be surprised at all the things you can control in your smart home.

Entertainment. The days where you were required to sit in front of a TV or home stereo are over. Now you can listen to, watch and control video and audio wherever you are in the house.

Throwing a party? You can have different music playing in each room of the house, and enjoy music from streaming services like Pandora and Spotify as well as your own personal music collection. You can also group rooms together so that the same song sings throughout the house and the yard for entertaining and turns off with one button press.

Want to catch the game while you’re working in the garage? You can liberate the broadcast from your living room TV and watch it anywhere in the house.

And you can do it all from an iOS or Android device.

Climate. Getting up to adjust the thermostat is so 20th century. Now you can not only control temperature, but schedule times when the thermostat should automatically activate to a certain level. For example, you could have a “wake up scene” where the temperature is set to 70 degrees, the lights come on and the shades go up. Which brings us to…

Lighting and shades. From that same Android or iOS smartphone or tablet that you’re using to control entertainment and temperature, you can turn lights on and off, dim them to a certain level depending on what mood you’re in, and adjust your shades too. Consider a “movie party” scene where, with the press of a single button, the TV and the audio system comes on, the shades go down, the temperature is set at 70 degrees, and the lights are dimmed. Now THAT’S a smart home.

You can even have your system set up to detect ambient light, which would in turn affect how your house lights and shades behave. Sunny day? Don’t need those lights, and since it’s cold in the winter, you want the shades up to let the warm sun in, and turn on the heat as well. You can have a system like this set up that automatically reacts to changes in weather and adjusts itself year-round.

Security. See who’s at the door from anywhere. Set your alarm system from your office. Check in on your vacation home. Check to see if the kids got in OK. It’s all possible from your smart device.

Cameras connected to your home wireless network allow you to keep any eye on everything precious. Apps running on your remote control interface allow you to Arm/Disarm your alarm system and inform you immediately in the event of an intrusion or breach in any zone

Sprinklers. You can control them from anywhere. And you can set up regular days and times for the sprinklers to activate. You can even incorporate the weather forecast to only water during dry stretches.

This video gives you a good overview of the many things you can do:


You might think you can buy a little black box at the home improvement store that not only can do all of these things, but also integrates them all into a simple, comprehensive experience. You’d be wrong. DIY smart home products can do some of these things or do them from different apps that have to be opened up individually, but the true symphony of integrated home control will elude your reach.

So how do you get a real smart home? Simple: A custom integrator [link to dealer locator]. Your integrator will listen to you and find out everything you want your smart home to do. And then he or she will go about the work of making it all happen in concert. You don’t have to do everything at once, either—you can start small and grow your system as your budget and needs expand. It takes a lot of know-how, but integrators have the training and experience necessary to make your smart home more intelligent than you ever imagined.

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