The Singtrix is a karaoke dream

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product_img_1My friends and I love to go out for karaoke – the only problem is: so does everyone else. We have our one corner in our one bar where we wait for hours so that one by one we can belt out our favorite karaoke jams: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “Wagon Wheel” and my personal favorite “Wannabe”. We sit there for the entirety of an evening, enduring several overly-confident singers going for those high ballad notes, and even worse, the plastered college guys who think it’s funny to botch “Barbie Girl”.

When it’s finally my chance to go, the glory moments are fleeting and it’s back to the corner I go. However, karaoke machines just don’t cut it and I hate having to select from the limited available tracks that come with the CDs. So, when the VOXX Electronics Singtrix appeared on my desk touting itself as “the most advanced karaoke system ever”, I was weary to trust it. I had been burned so many times before. However, after delving deeper into the world of the Singtrix, I would have to say that it is a karaoke dream come true.

The Singtrix comes complete with everything you need for your Mariah Carey moments: a 40-watt 2.1 channel speaker with built-in subwoofer, an adjustable mic stand, two microphones, and holders for your smartphone or tablet.

However, it’s the Singtrix Studio that really stands the Singtrix karaoke system above any other. It’s a vocal processor preloaded with over 300 effects, so that you can sound how you always dreamt you would. I can finally achieve that Eddie Vedder grunge I’ve always wanted. You can add harmonies to a track and you can tweak your voice however you want. Plus, you can mix and match styles.

My favorite part is that I get to choose whatever song I want for my diva moments. You pick the music from your own device and the built-in Song Voice will strip the song of its lead vocals so that you can take the spotlight! No more presets for me!

Mind you, my voice is terrible, but thankfully nobody else has to know that anymore! So for now, I think it’s safe to say my friends and I will be trading in the uncomfortable corner for the intimacy of my living room couches. And we won’t have to endure any more horrible Tim McGraw renditions!

The Singtrix retails for $345, and you can check it out here.

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