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I was introduced to the concept of the standing desk at a Macwold Expo back when Macworld Expos were a thing. The “desk” was nothing more than a platform that attached to the back of your current desk, on which you’d place your monitor and keyboard. When you wanted to stand, you’d raise it. When you want to sit, you lowered it. Simple.

As the idea caught on, though, the abilities and the construction of standing desks has grown considerably. The entire desk moves with you now, of course, and I’ve even seen some that will take voice commands to order your coffee and schedule a cab. If your needs a bit more basic than that—say, the functionality and health benefits of not having to sit all day—the Uplift Desk could be exactly what you’re looking for, and within your price range.

Uplift Standing Desk

Our Uplift Desk review unit came to us from The Human Solution, and honestly, the most difficult thing about the process was the delivery. Shipment to my residence was via 48′ flatbed, which couldn’t access my subdivision. This led to multiple delivery reschedulings and eventually involved me driving to the end of my road to unload the desk and its accessories from the truck trailer into the family van.

Setting the desk up was actually much easier. My review unit was a 30″ x 72″ bamboo Uplift 900, the heaviest part of which were the two metal legs. It took two of us to move the individually boxed parts to my office, and complete assembly took us less than hour. The Human Solution provides excellent written instructions (they also offer video instructions online), and all of the necessary holes were pre-drilled. I mention this because the instructions include details on how to drill on your own, so I’m not sure that’ll be the case with every purchase.

The basic units for contruction include your choice of tabletop (available in numerous types of wood and cuts), the legs, the motor, and the keypad. Numerous accessories are also available, including a keyboard/mouse holder attachment, a mount for your monitor, an attachable under-desk drawer, etc. You can even attach your CPU under the desk if you’re a PC type. These are important to consider as you determine how you’ll be using your desk, but I’ll suggest refraining from adding too many accessories to your initial order, as you’ll find a sit/stand desk may change the way you work entirely. More on that in a bit.

You can, of course, place the motor and the keypad on either side of the desk, depending upon where your outlet is (the unit only needs one outlet).

Uplift Standing Desk

Should you move the desk, however, no worries; The Human Solution provides multiple accessories for managing your cables, allowing you to keep them neatly secured under the desk no matter how far they have to run. It’s a great, easy-to-manage system.

Once the desk is set up, you can raise it to anywhere from 24.5″ to 50.5″ (including thickness) by pressing the arrows on the keypad. You can also program four presets for easy memorization; I set one for a universal sitting height, then programmed three heights for the people who would need to access the computer while standing. The small motor is quieter than I expected, and adhesive pads attached to the legs during assembly help to soften the connection between the legs and the desk while moving, eliminating grinding or rattling. The movement is very smooth, so none of the items on my desk slid around as I raised and lowered it.

Now, regarding my comment earlier about how using an automated standing desk can change the way you work, I found that two things changed immediately in my routine. First, the loss of drawers and shelves after converting from my previous L-shaped desk immediately streamlined my computing process. Items I kept handy just in case I needed them were boxed and put away, and guess what? I haven’t needed them. I’m late to this minimalist approach, but I see now how it helps you stay focused on what you actually have to do.

Uplift Standing Desk

I’ve also found that I prefer to keep the desk in the standing position, which I didn’t expect. I will sit for longer writing/gaming sessions, but walking right up to the desk and starting to work feels natural and quick, and getting pulled away seems like less of a bother. Yes, I know that the process of sitting down and standing up isn’t difficult or time consuming, but not having to do so makes it feel less like I’m being interrupted.

I haven’t been using the desk long enough to reap any health benefits. I do have back problems that flair up from time to time, but I can’t say yet if spending more of my day standing will help alleviate them. And honestly, I spend most of my time leaning on the desk, not standing upright. Has there been a study as to whether that’s good or bad?

I can say, however, that I’m happier walking into my office. This is largely because of what the Uplift Height Adjustable Desk is replacing, but by forcing me to keep a neater desktop in a clutter free environment, my workstation is now a more inviting place to be. And with the ability to stand or sit throughout the day, it’s also much more comfortable. I no longer need to leave my desk just to stretch my legs or wake myself up, meaning I get more done. That, combined with the knowledge that I’m not spending the bulk of day on my butt makes the Uplift an excellent purchase. Start basic, expand as you grow used to it, and never look back.

Apple Channel Rating A

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Provides: Computer workstation in adjustable sitting and standing positions
Developer: The Human Solution
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  • Lauren

    Thanks for this review. I am looking at the exact same desk right now and my big question is stability. How stable is the desk at standing height? Does it wobble as you type? Move when you lean on it? TIA!

    • Kirk Hiner

      Hello Lauren, and thanks for reading. There is a minimal amount of wobbling if i force it, but nothing that interferes with the typing process. I’m assuming this is from a combination of the vibration dampening pads and the fact that I’m using it on carpeting. It definitely does not move if I lean on it. Again, though, I’m on carpeting, and I’m guessing the size and type of wood will have something to say about that.

  • happy3

    Company has a major pr campaign going on, as these reviews can’t be truthful. We have ordered a few desks in the past and the management, esp sales staff, are trained to ignore the coupons and advertised sales and bump up the price so you end up paying full price. when you let them know they offered/mailed/emailed a customer appreciation coupon, they put you on hold for 30 mins at a time to see if you will give up and not ask! They are sometimes rude and always try to bump up the price with ‘deals’, only to find out when you get your receipt this was not represented. Bad sales culture from supervisors down to sales staff. Avoid these guys!!!

  • Paul Rudinski

    Incredible value and purchase.


    -Delivery was clean and professional. -Setup was a breeze. -Quiet as a church mouse. -Amazing presets make going up and down a breeze.


    None. This is the best desk I’ve ever purchased.

  • Brent Waldrop

    I’ve heard some complain about some wobble at standing heights. Have you experienced any?

    • Kirk Hiner

      I’m using the desk on carpeting, and I haven’t experienced enough wobbling to feel it impacts use. If I push or bang on the desk at standing heights I can definitely see my iMac shake with the desk, but not during typical keyboard or mouse use.

  • Brent Waldrop

    Hi Kirk one more question if you wouldn’t mind. How has the bamboo finish held up. Is it pretty tough for wood? Scratch prone? Sorry if you received this question twice i tweeted it at you but it didn’t seem like you tweet a lot so i decided to post it here.

    • Kirk Hiner

      Hello, Brent. The finish seems strong enough, but to be fair, I’ve put it through fairly delicate use. I’ve got a large mousemat below my keyboard and mouse, and otherwise the objects on my desk are fairly static. The bamboo looks great after about a year and a half of use.