Review: Powerit Portable Jump Start & Power Supply Kit

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Mobile device chargers come in many different sizes these days, and with many ancillary functions. But a portable jump starter for your car? That’s a pretty specific need, and one that’s not conducive to just keeping the charger in your bag for when you need a little extra juice. For your car, boat or camper, however, Impecca’s Powerit Portable Jump Start & Power Supply Kit could become part of your mandatory emergency kit.

The Powerit provides a whopping 16,500mAh, enough to charge your iPhone 6 about six times or power your laptop for two to three hours. And if fully charged, the Powerit will hold that carge for about six months. This combined with a claimed lifecycle of 1,000 charges means you’ll be good with this battery for quite some time to come. Just remember to set reminders to recharge it twice a year so it’s ready to go when you need it.

Of course, the Powerit does plenty more than charge your iPhone or laptop. It comes with a multitude of accessories and attachments to make sure many electronic devices you’ve got with you can be used.

Impecca Powerit

Along with the power supply, you get:

    • a UL AC power adapter,
    • a DC car charging cable,
    • a set of alligator battery clamps,
    • a notebook adapter cable with eight tips,
    • a USB cable,
    • and a carrying bag to keep it all nice and tidy.

You also get the additional functionality of an LED flashlight and a red emergency light. Knowing how to turn them on isn’t as intuitive as it could be (hold the power button down for three seconds to get the flashlight, quickly double tap the power button for the emergency light), so I’d like to see some kind of sticker on the unit itself that explains these procedures (you may go years without needing to access them, after all).

Impecca Powerit

The charger itself measures 7.25 X 3.25 X 1.75 inches, and weighs a little over two pounds. This makes it awkward to use the flashlight for anything other than emergency purposes, but the rubber grips on the bottom will hold it in place if you can set it down and just shine the light on what you’re doing.

The front panel contains all of the inputs/outputs you’re going to need: the AC power out, USB/2.1A out, and 15V/1A power in (which you can charge via the included wall outlet adapter or the car charging adapter). You’ll also find the charge strength LED indicators here, along with the auto-switching output voltage indicators. And finally, along with the power button comes an on/off switch to make sure you’re not wasting any power when you don’t need it.

Impecca Powerit

The main draw, though, is the jump starting kit. Under a flap clearly labelled “Engine Start” are the inputs for the jumper cable. The cable itself is very short—only 4-1/2 inches to the negative clamp—but you shouldn’t need much more than this considering you can rest the charger near your car battery. Impecca provides jump start instructions right on the slightly longer positive clamp cable, so you’re safe to go even if you’ve lost the unit’s included instruction manual.

At $159.99, the Powerit Portable Jump Start & Power Supply Kit doesn’t come cheap, but when it comes to emergency assistance, what price is too expensive? The ability to jump start a car without help from strangers or the need to wait for roadside assistance can help you get out of a tricky situation in a timely manner. The flashlight can help you change a tire in the dark or just find your way to safety. And if a jump start isn’t what you need when you’re broken down on the highway, you won’t have to worry about a depleted phone battery.

And even if you’re not in an emergency situation, the Powerit will come in quite handy when camping or boating with the family for a weekend and you all need a little extra boost for your iPhone, laptop, camera, etc. In that regard, it would be helpful if the Powerit contained additional USB ports to charge multiple devices at once. Still, it’s pretty easy to recommend the Powerit, I just hope you never have to use it.

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Provides: Mobile device and laptop charge, flashlight, and car battery jump starts
Developer: Impecca
Price: $159.99
Availability: Now

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