The ONE Music Group offers MFI-certified smart pianos

Tickle the ivories on the world’s first and currently only upright, Apple MFi-certified piano on the market.

Learn touch typing for free with Typist for Mac

Touch typing may be slower when you first start, but is far faster once you get the hang of it.

Jumptuit launches smart TV app for multi-device and Cloud integration

Multi-platform solution allows users to connect to and access files stored on devices, cloud services and apps.

Canada’s CanniMed offers free medical marijuana app

Helping people with chronic and terminal illnesses improve their quality of life when conventional medicine isn’t enough.


Is the Split View iPad Air 2 system requirement necessary or arbitrary?

I won’t be buying any iPads henceforth that don’t support Split View.

Redesigned Razer Mamba advanced gaming mice unveiled

Gamer or not, the advantages of high performance mousing are obvious.

Finally a solution to the OS X Yosemite Wi-Fi bug?

Why did it take Apple four updates and the passage of nearly a year to correct this glitch.

Hoping an Apple iCar will be more than a four-wheeled iDevice

Whatever it is, I hope it will reflect the Jobs/Ive/Cue passion for drivers’ cars.


Will the iOS 9 productivity features convince you to buy a new iPad?

You’ll need a recent model iPad in order to take advantage of SlideOver, picture in picture, and split view.


Split-screen multitasking for iPad in iOS 9 is an exciting productivity improvement

The addition of even this limited sort of multi-windowed multitasking is a big step forward for the iOS.

Finally getting serious about distracted driving

Canada’s largest province is doubling down on distracted drivers, but is it enough?


Retina MacBook’s “thin and light” obsession compromises Apple user experience

You’ll love looking at it and picking it up. You won’t love using it.