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LaserSoft Imaging’s printing calibration software helps ease the issues and problems of making the colors on the screen match the colors you print.

Maintaining proper color when printing is probably one of the biggest headaches and/or challenges for folks trying to print images from their computer. The problem is that most people do not have color calibrated monitors, do not have color calibrated printers (if scanning images do not have calibrated scanners), and do not use color identified paper. While LaserSoft Imaging’s Printing Calibration Software does not remove the need to calibrate your monitor (or scanner), this software does solve the other two issues at the same time.

Using LaserSoft Imaging’s Printing Calibration software, one can simply compare what is printed with what the color is supposed to look like. The heart of all this is the simple procedure of printing a special IT8 Calibration Target with your printer and the paper you want to use, and then scanning this printed Target and letting LaserSoft Imaging’s software evaluate the printed results with what you were supposed to have printed.

This special IT8 Target is a grid of 1,026 colors and shades thats exact color and shade are known by the software. After printing the IT8 target then scanning the sheet you just printed, LaserSoft Imaging’s Printing Calibration Software compares what you did print with what the software expects to see from the known colors and shades and can then make adjustments to help the printer print what it should have been. Below is a sample from LaserSoft Imaging that one can expect to see.

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The basic concept is that if your printer on your paper prints a red that comes out orange, than LaserSoft Imaging’s software will make adjustments unique to your printer and paper so subsequent printing will let that red come out red.

It’s important to note that if this level of printing is important to you, the need to calibrate your monitor is essential because if your monitor is displaying red as orange and you alter your image so that the orange appears to be red, when you go to print that, who knows what color it will print out as. Simply, the monitor, the image and the printer must agree with what each color is supposed to be. If there is a break in that communication, anything beyond that is governed by chance.

In addition to having a calibrated monitor, you also do need to calibrate your scanner, but this can easily be done using the IT8 target that you can obtain with LaserSoft Imaging’s SilverFast software.

LaserSoft Imaging emphasizes that users should have separate profiles for any different papers they use (not all white paper is truly white).

The thing that makes this particularly beneficial is that this will improve the potential quality of images printed from an inexpensive printer.

One peripheral benefit added by LaserSoft Imaging’s Printer Calibration Software is that you can make an intentional colorcast by editing the ICC profiles to your images such as making the image warmer (for a sunset look) to a colder image (with a bluer haze) right at your printer.

Items required for this software include monitor, scanner, and printer. The monitor must be calibrated (by any third party USB connected color spectrometer). The scanner must be calibrated using an IT8 ICC profile (available via LaserSoft Imaging and using SilverFast Ai Studio 8.5 or Archive Suite 8.5 software), and the printer can then be calibrated via the LaserSoft Imaging Printing Calibration Software.

For more information, go to LaserSoft Imaging’s website.

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