Forget Touch ID, the OnePlus 2 fingerprint sensor is purportedly ‘done right’

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OnePlus 2 fingerprint scannerApparently not one to “hop on the me too bandwagon” with immature, gimmicky technologies, OnePlus waited for mobile fingerprint recognition to evolve and fully bloom before it could be fitted on the “impressive, thoughtful and versatile” 2.

That’s right, ladies and gents, the OnePlus 2 hype train is chugging along, with stops at mouth-watering stations like stable Snapdragon 810, USB Type C and, today, Touch ID-outshining finger scanning. Quite the audacious, cheeky statement, even by this fearless Chinese startup’s standards, and there’s more.

The “refined and lightning quick” sensor on the soon-to-be Oxygen OS-powered handheld will take you “right to your homescreen” with “one quick tap.” That way, you can save up to an hour each week otherwise spent unlocking your phone via time-consuming PIN sequences or patterns.

And if you’re a sharer, the OnePlus 2 will let you and friends or family safely and seamlessly register a maximum of five fingerprint profiles. It doesn’t sound half bad, but often, the road from neat concept to impeccable execution is harder to complete than an Everest ascent.

It’s worth pointing out perennially candid OnePlus eludes location hints, leaving us wonder whether they’ll slap the scanner under 2’s rumored Full HD 5.5-inch display or around the back, alongside a 13 or 16 MP camera. Embedding it in the actual screen is always a futuristic, groundbreaking possibility, which would certainly help the rising Asian star to stand out from the pack.

Give it a few weeks, and all questions will be answered.

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