AT&T’s HTC Desire Eye is at last ready to feast on Lollipop treats

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HTC Desire EyeGuaranteed an Android 5.0 promotion ever since March, and upgraded to the Material Designed OS iteration in Asia a month later, HTC’s selfie-centric Desire Eye obviously required extra optimization work for AT&T.

But now, that’s all behind the Taiwanese device manufacturer and second most popular US carrier, as technical approval was granted hours ago, with the OTA rollout bound to begin momentarily. It could even be live by the time you get to read this, although a nationwide spread should take at least a few days.

No detailed changelog available yet, and nothing on the exact size of the bundle of joy. But you all know what to expect. An assortment of performance enhancements, ranging from connectivity to camera and especially battery life, UI tweaks, security improvements and, in the case of Ma Bell’s version, possibly some new bloat as well.

Overall, the package probably tips the scales at roughly 1 GB, so make sure you have plenty of internal storage space to go around, plus enough juice to handle the lengthy download and installation processes. And here’s hoping for better system stability than most 5.0 builds dispatched lately. At the very least, a subsequent 5.1 bump already in the works.

Remember, the Desire Eye doesn’t impress with robust construction, like the all-aluminum One M9, but features a pair of remarkable 13 MP cams, quad-core Snapdragon 801 chip, 2 GB RAM and 5.2-inch Full HD display.

How much is the upper mid-range plastic ensemble worth? [easyazon-link asin=”B00PA53KJS” locale=”us”]$359 outright through Amazon[/easyazon-link], or $30 with two-year contracts straight from AT&T.

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