20 MP cam-sporting Huawei Honor 7 eclipses 13 megapixel P8

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Huawei-Honor-7While Samsung is trying hard to show their 6 is greater than Apple’s 6, Huawei awkwardly has no problem beating its own 8 with a 7. Confused? Well, you should be, since the Honor 7 bizarrely outshines the recently unveiled P8, at least in the photography department.

A bona fide imaging beast, the newest entry in the Asian-only Honor family takes P8’s average (by high-end standards) 13 MP camera sensor to 20 megapixel heights, further spicing things up with remarkable F2.0 aperture, 6-lens module, dual-LED dual-tone flash, sapphire protection and the best in optical image stabilization.

Essentially as robust and premium-looking as the P8, the Honor 7 is all metal on the outside, but for some reason measures a chunky 8.5 mm in depth and tips the scales at 157 grams. Mind you, both handhelds don 5.2-inch displays (with Full HD resolution in tow), and 3,100 mAh batteries, so P8’s slimmer profile and lower weight are a result of better design work and little else.

Then again, Huawei’s engineers had to slack off and cut one or two corners in order to keep prices so incredibly low. Namely, at the equivalent of $320 in a 16 GB configuration, and $400 for four times the entry-level storage space. With LTE speeds in the mix, 3 GB RAM, an octa-core homebrewed Kirin 935 CPU, 8 MP selfie front cam and Android 5.0 Lollipop software out the box.

Hope y’all budget-conscious power users in China realize just how lucky you are.

Via [Phone Arena]

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