Jet Set Radio tags its 15th anniversary

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Jet Set Radio is a game remembered fondly by many a Sega fan for its slick artstyle, gameplay and futuristic setting. It’s no surprise, that fifteen years after the game’s release, fans of JSR’s composer, Hideki Naganuma, praise him daily on Twitter. Crossover fanart with games as recent as Splatoon can be found easily, and official Jet Set Radio merchandise is frequently out of stock on official retail sites.

Jet set radio paintDeveloped by a Sega studio named Smilebit and released for the Sega Dreamcast, Jet Set Radio was one of the many innovative titles released for the system that turned heads. It is set in Japan and features a group of teens called the GGs bombing around Tokyo with magnet-powered skates, tagging the city and rival gangs with graffiti and generally sticking it to the man in a culture that limits freedom of expression. Critics blasted the game’s wonky camera, but praised the game for its inimitable style, pioneering cel-shaded graphics with one of the most memorable soundtracks of any video game.

Jet Set Radio has since become one of Sega’s most popular IP’s from the Dreamcast era. A sequel, titled Jet Set Radio Future, was released for the Xbox, but another title that was pitched for the Wii never came to fruition. The main members of the GGs have made appearances in other Sega titles, like the Sonic All-Stars Racing series. Originally titled Jet Grind Radio in North America, Jet Set Radio received an HD port for the PS3, Vita, Xbox 360, and Windows PC in November of 2012. iOS, Google Play, and Android versions followed in the same month, but they have since been pulled from their respective storefronts. Jet Set Radio Future was even made backwards compatible for the Xbox 360 in 2007.Jet set radio chase

If Jet Set Radio interests you, an independent spiritual successor named Hover: Revolt of Gamers received enough funding on crowdsource platforms to warrant a release on Steam and is currently in Early Access. Hover’s publisher, Midgar Studios, managed to even get Hideki Naganuma on board with the project, to the delight of JSR fans. Also, fans of the soundtrack should tune into independent site, which provides tunes similar to the ones found in the game.

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