Soundfreaq goes water resistant with Sound Kick 2

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DGskVRTt80ieRfUxq3GwjqPnQWyNIWs80wf-oKMS5ow,lzkfrX0VmZ8fUdmOZf7tEq9DbHfcBvTuHbaEC1IqyG4Soundfreaq has announced that Sound Kick 2, the company’s first-ever water resistant Bluetooth speaker is now available.

The new Bluetooth speaker is an updated version of Soundfreaq’s award-winning Sound Kick, adding fuller sound and the addition of a passive radiator for enhanced bass. Matthew Paprocki, co-founder and creative director of Soundfreaq, had this to say about the latest entry to their line:

When we started to develop Sound Kick 2, our primary focus wasn’t on creating a waterproof speaker, but rather on improving the sound quality and utility of the original design. After hearing how our customers were using the original Sound Kick- as an everyday speaker, rather than just a travel speaker – we knew we wanted Sound Kick 2 to be more adaptable to some of the listening scenarios we came across. The result is a speaker that doesn’t sacrifice sound quality or responsiveness to withstand water, making it an ideal everyday speaker.

Not only does the Sound Kick 2 pack enhanced bass, it also has two 2.3 inch custom speaker drivers and Soundfreaq’s proprietary UQ3 spatial enhancement. They have not only added parts to make this the best speaker they possibly can, but also have taken out some troublesome elements of the first-gen Sound Kick.

With its IPX4 water-resistant rating, you can enjoy music in the kitchen, shower, on the patio or by the pool without the fear of water destroying your speaker. Perfect for use with your iPhone or iPad, the Sound Kick 2 looks be an ideal addition to crank out some fantastic tunes.

The Sound Kick 2 Bluetooth speaker is available now for $99 on and

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