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DVD Review: Asylum

So today we have what is a bittersweet occasion; more specifically, it’s the last of the latest round of After Dark horror titles for a while, at least. Even a great series needs a break every so often, and with the chances that we’ve already found the dog in the series high, we can settle more »

Blu-ray Review: Extraterrestrial

For those who remember either of the two “Grave Encounters” movies, you’re already familiar with the works of the Vicious Brothers. And though “Grave Encounters 2″ noted that there’s no such thing as the Vicious Brothers in the first place, as I recall, apparently they’re still making movies. So if you ignore the continuity lapse, more »

Blu-ray Review: Get Hard

What happens when Will Ferrell ends up in a Rob Schneider movie? I don’t know, or at least I didn’t know until our friends at Warner Bros sent out a copy of “Get Hard” for us to review, a movie that looks shockingly familiar. But even as the movie imitates, it also improves to a more »

Blu-ray Review: Danny Collins

Take most any artist you care to name from the biggest musical hit to the lowliest workaday writer of Internet material and you’ll find someone who has occasionally–maybe even more than occasionally–faced down the notion that they’re just a fraud. “Danny Collins”–a copy of which our friends at Universal sent out for review–made that point more »

Blu-ray Review: Cut Bank

Small town life, and small town living, can be one strange day after another. Those in “Cut Bank”–a copy of which our friends out at Lionsgate sent out for review–are quite aware of this fact, and we’ll get an eyeful of just how odd it can be. But it won’t just be strange that “Cut more »

Blu-ray Review: American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success

I admit, I hadn’t had much contact with the “American Girl” series, so when Universal sent out a copy of “American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success” I wasn’t sure what to expect. Getting a hold of the box, meanwhile, gave me an all too depressing picture of what to look forward to, but what I more »

DVD Review: The Nanny: The Complete Series

It was one of the biggest shows of the entire nineties, at least as far as CBS went. It took an Emmy, and won plenty of viewers in its time. It’s “The Nanny,” and those who want a look at the nineties in all their glory–alleged glory, anyway–will get an eyeful of it and then more »

Blu-ray Review: From a Whisper to a Scream

The multi-vignette horror title has fallen out of favor in recent days, but there were, in days past, several such titles to choose from. Our friends out at Scream Factory have launched on another of their grand salvage missions and brought back a fine slice of multi-faceted horror from 1987. They sent out a copy more »

DVD Review: Infected

The zombie story, of late, has become one of the great staples of horror as we know it. Combining people’s fear of change with people’s fear of monsters, the zombie story can often satisfy on several different fronts. That’s assuming, of course, it’s done correctly, and our friends out at Image Entertainment sent out a more »

DVD Review: Private Number

Suspense / thriller titles are often an interesting departure, preying on some of our worst fears in a fashion that skates the line between horror and drama, and often does so quite ably. Our friends out at Arc Entertainment sent over an interesting example of the suspense / thriller in “Private Number,” a movie that more »

Blu-ray Review: DaVinci’s Demons: The Complete Second Season

It’s really rather amazing how much space the period drama has taken up of late, and our friends out at Anchor Bay sent out one more representative of the craft for us to review. Specifically, it’s a copy of “DaVinci’s Demons: The Complete Second Season,” “” carries on from the last–as, let’s face it, most more »

DVD Review: Nightlight

When a horror movie wants to play a game, it’s a great time to run the other way. The stakes will doubtless be higher than anyone really wants to consider. Our friends out at Lionsgate, meanwhile, sent out one such game about to go badly, badly wrong in “Nightlight.” “Nightlight” follows a group of friends more »