Fin: You’re fired, more fake news and a Gay Men’s Chorus question

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Donald Trump NBC fired Donald Trump? Good. It’s hard to imagine a more deserved. Though I’ve been calling for NBC to cut ties with that clown since 2012, when Trump ridiculously put his name and brand behind the racist Obama birth certificate conspiracy theory. (Deadline)

On the heels of this weekend’s fake New York Times website… I give you “WIT Science,” which poses as the website of a university but actually includes “satire” stories. This one apparently decided that fake news isn’t enough; you’ve gotta add fake medical information too (Wit Science)

“Beyond the Lights” wasn’t the best movie of 2014, but it may have had the most cult potential. Now it’s streaming on Netflix, as Matt Prigge points out (Metro)

And finally, I loved that performance by Washington’s Gay Men’s Chorus, outside the Supreme Court last week. But what would they have done if the decision had gone the other way? Just gone home, or sang anywhere to cheer people up:

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