LEGO Minifigures Online launches cross-platform

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LEGO Minifigures Online

LEGO® Minifigures Online has ended its short stint in beta, and is now available on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and select Android devices. The title features cross-platform support allowing you to continue the action on your platform of choice.

In the beta, Lego Minifigures was a free-to-play experience for PC user. At release, the title can be picked up for a one time purchase that varies depending upon your platform of choice. The title has new gameplay content featuring timed events, cinematics, and a new campaign.

CEO Rui Casais said in the announcement that LEGO® Minifigures Online the game was designed for gamers of all ages. “To make it even easier for friends to play together, the game is playable seamlessly on a large number of platforms and devices, and everyone plays together in the same online world. No matter whether you are playing on a smartphone, tablet or desktop, you will all be playing the same game—together,” said Rui Casais.

While it’s a title for a wide audience, it’s clear that kids were the main audience in mind. All minifigures have their own unique abilities with the option of working with up to three players in a session. It has the spirt of the LEGO console titles like LEGO Batman, and LEGO Jurassic World, the newest entry in the series.

It’s important to note that LEGO Minifigures Online isn’t associated with LEGO Dimensions, the upcoming console platformer where users can mesh their favorite LEGO franchises from Lord of the Rings, The Simpsons, Back to the Future, Portal, and of course, Batman. It’s a completely separate experience from LEGO Minifigures so you might want to choose carefully in which title you invest in.

LEGO Minifigures Online is now available for PC and Mac on Steam—and through PlayMinifigures website—for $29.99, and will includes all content. iOS and Android versions, on the other hand, still go for a free-to-play model. The first world is $4.99 on the app store, with users having the option to buy additional worlds at $3.99. This option is currently available for iOS, while Android users will need to wait until the end of summer.

I am not sure that’s a sustainable model on the Apple marketplace at that price point. For some, $4.99 USD could block users from advancing past the first world in LEGO Minifigures, and while it’s neat that the experience is cross-platform, it would have suited mobile players better if the first experience was free-to-play, or completely separate from its PC counterpart.

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