Howard Stern is leaving America’s Got Talent for new unnamed show

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Because he has a lot going on, and maybe sometimes it just feels good to walk away from over-the-top buffoonery, Howard Stern is vacating his judges’ chair on NBC’s wildly popular Nick Cannon vehicle, America’s Got Talent. But what’s next for him?

The Wrap reports that Stern said during SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show” on Wednesday that the current season will be his last on the show. Stern sent a semi-mixed message: he’s too busy with his radio show, but he loves doing TV and would be open to the idea of doing a new show, like the offer he’s considering now.

“I’m going through my own career evaluation right now … In all seriousness, I’ve told you, I’m just too fucking busy … something’s got to give,” Stern said, adding, that he’s received another television offer that he said, “Excites me to no end. I think it would be a great opportunity.” However, he added, it would be impossible for him to pursue the offer while also doing his radio show and “America’s Got Talent.”

However, Stern is at the end of his current five-year contract with Sirius XM, and he hasn’t signed a new deal with them yet. Motely Fool reports that Sirius may not be able to exist without Stern on board.

So Stern’s quitting AGT for a different show! Some kind of new show. The Wrap reports that NBC had no comment.

From The Wrap:

“NBC’s already asked me what my intentions are for next year, whether or not I would come back, and I kind of have told them I think this is my last season. Not ‘I think’ — this is my last season.”

Asked by sidekick Robin Quivers if the current season will be his last, Stern said, “I think it’s fair to say. I don’t want to hang them up. Yeah, it’s my last season.”

NBC had no comment for TheWrap on Stern’s announcement.

Stern went on to say that he’s received another television offer that he said, “Excites me to no end. I think it would be a great opportunity.” However, he added, it would be impossible for him to pursue the offer while also doing his radio show and “America’s Got Talent.”

Listen to Stern’s announcement below.

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  • Darnell

    Every year the ratings are lower and lower so no wonder Simon Cowell wants Stern out. The guys looks ghoulish with his plastic chin, effeminate scarves, and jet black wig. NBC will let Stern save face and make it look like his decision so good luck Howard. He should just retire, that radio show is barely on and no longer funny.

    • Mike Berlin

      Man, do you sound bitter! Stern has a bigger following than Cowell could ever dream of having. Stern’s involvement in anything now is a recipe for success – whether he’s great at choosing projects or if his audience following him to any project he does is hard to distinguish.

      He is the most successful radio broadcaster in history and almost single handedly built a consumer base for satellite radio – namely Sirius (at the time). Prior to Stern’s involvement XM was on course to be the leader and Sirius was on the path to failure. Stern completelly

      Like him or not, he is unmatched at every venture he chooses to engage in.

      • GreatTVDude

        Stern also loves the show, he’s just very busy, getting older and would like more time to himself. It’s respectable that he’s putting his notice in now and can go into the live portions of the show more relaxed, knowing it’s his last. If anything, it would drive the ratings upwards for the remaining episodes.

        As for the new show, it’s quite possible it will be less demanding. America’s Got Talent takes up at least three hours of on air time (probably even more time off air) each week in the summer. Chances are whatever he does next will not take up as much time.

        AND for what it’s worth, he was/is an awesome judge.

      • Darnell

        Mike you must be an employee and not a long time listener. You really have no idea what you are talking about. Now go wear a scarf and listen to the endless cock & AGT talk bro.

      • Alex

        #1 movie, #1 soundtrack, #1 radio show for 20 years with 30 million listeners, #1 selling comedy ppv of all time, 2 #1 bestselling books (Private Parts was the fastest selling book in the sellers history) 4 television shows in a 3 year span (Channel 9 Show, E! Show, Interview Show and his Radio Show) 2 Television shows at the same time about his radio show (CBS show and E! Show) he signed two contracts worth 1 billion dollars, brought almost 30 million subscribers to Sirius and over 1 million in his first year, He cause the merger between Sirius and XM – Hense, SiriusXM Radio – He has been famous since the mid 80’s and is the most controversial entertainer in the history of media besides killing or raping someone.
        This guy is a troll

      • Hal Jordan

        AGT had higher ratings with pierce morgan. So howard is irrelevant, deal with it.

      • Kallipolis2015

        Your history about Stern is nonsense. Stern did give Sirius a name and subscribers but XM at the time of the merger HAD MORE SUBSCRIBERS than Sirius did. This is an absolute fact. The reason the companies merged is that they were spending BOATLOADS of money competing against each other. That’s the real reason they merged

    • Clarence Whorley

      Absolutely right, Stern is no longer consistently funny, he HS become Don Imas of the left. He really needs to retire

  • Bosric

    As he would say” who cares!” It was a good show before him and will be after him. He adds little to its sucess & where does he think hes going after this? Hes 60 + or close. Good luck , it will fail like his first marriage and ailing radio show . Does anyone even have Serius? The radio show which touted ” commercial free ” and has more commercials than regular free radio….good riddance !

    • Danny

      When Howard joined Sirius they had a little over 400k subscribers now they have just under 30 million so I think the answer to your question “does anyone have Sirius” would be yes. As far as commercials go, Howard never said the show on Sirius would be commercial free but as far as the amount of commercials goes, it is way less then when he was on terrestrial radio. Howard does an 1 1/2 interview commercial free then takes a 3 min break and comes back on to do another hour of commercial free radio so I don’t know where you get your info from but you are way off. To call his show Ailing is an insane statement, The Howard stern show is better then its ever been. No he’s not painting naked strippers and giving away implants anymore but unlike you he has evolved. What other show on radio or TV gets top A list guest in studio for 1 hour plus interviews on a daily basis? Come on.

      • Darnell

        Danny you must be a new listener. The fact that Sirius HAD TO MERGE with XM means he was a failure. If you listened at that time he ranted and raved that the merger needed to happen (or else Sirius would have died). The new listeners are due to the merger and new cars automatically having Sirius whicj is why HE LOST his lawsuit for more $$$. The show blows, it happens to all once great shows. The daily rundown is basically Gay marriage rant, 15 minute Bobo call, 2 Marriane calls plugging AGT, haaarable bits written by interns, commercials, 90 minute interview, old news, anything else Robin? end of show. You missed the glory days Danny because the Stern show now is a shell of a once great show.

        • disqust101

          You nailed it Darnell – Howard long ago “mailed it in”…he’s only there because the money is so damn big that he’d be an idiot to turn it down. He’s bored to tears and it shows. I stopped listening soon after he got on AGT – it was the reason I stopped – could not stand one more moment of fawning sycophants telling him how great he and the pathetic show is…

      • Hal Jordan

        You moron they have 29 million lisenters with Sirius and XM combined. He didn’t bring 30 million listeners. XM had more subscribers than Sirius.

    • Kallipolis2015

      Sirius has close to 30 million subscribers. Crawl out from under your rock and come to the 21 century. They are a billion dollar a year company. How clueless are you anyway?

  • Jeff Packmann

    Sirius will definitely survive without HS.. dunno about JD, Sal and Richard tho..
    But sirius will definitely go on.. don’t they put sirius in any new car you buy now? Pretty sure sirius is a better option than terrestrial radio, especially for musical content.

    Now if they could get actual customer support and not treat their customers like a bunch of begging lepers that company could definitely go on without stern..

  • disqust101

    Howard jumped the shark as soon as he went on AGT. He’s irrelevant today.