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More Apple devices means more Apple accessories, and managing them can become quite a chore, or at least get a bit messy. iPhone accessories aren’t hard to come by, but how about for the early Apple Watch adopters? How about for the many of you who have both?

That’s were designed by m’s latest Kickstarter campaign factors into the conversation. The Simple Station Dock is CNC sculpted from a single block of aerospace aluminum to house an Apple Watch (38mm/42mm) and any iPhone from the 5 to the 6 Plus.

Simple Station Dock

Both devices can charge together, and if you’re using your iPhone as your alarm clock, there’s even a sound amplifier to make sure you hear whatever song/sound/noise is your alarm of choice. Considering the need to charge up your Apple Watch overnight, this makes for a very handy kit for your bedside table.

The Simple Station comes in multiple colors, and I bet you can just guess what they are, right? Well, you’re close: anodized matte black, anodized silver and anodized champagne.

It looks to be a pretty handy device, but designed by m isn’t stopping the campaign right there. They’re also including the Banded Classic Case for Apple Watch.

Banded Classic gives your Apple Watch the look and feel of a traditional watch while protecting it from dents and scratches. Banded’s housing is crafted here in the USA by skilled craftsmen and engineers from Aerospace Aluminum to give the Apple Watch an elegant look as well as tough protection. The straps are made of genuine Italian leather to complete the luxurious look offered by traditional watches.

The colors for the Banded Classic Case are a bit more diverse, and can be matched with light brown, black, and rustic brown straps.

Banded Classic

The Kickstarter Campaign has pledge levels that will get you just the Simple Station (starting at $89 for early adopters), just the Banded Classic Case (also starting at $89), or both ($199…no early adoption option). If you’re interested, there are currently 32 days to go in the Kickstarter campaign, and they’re just about a 1/4 of the way towards reaching their funding goal. Head on over to Kickstarter and give them a look.

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