Play-Asia is restocking the Ness amiibo

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ness amiiboPrepare yourself, NFC figure fans. Play-Asia has sent out another amiibo Hunter report and it’s a big mother. Rather, it’s a big Mother, as the Ness amiibo will be back in stock at the site on June 30, 2015. This is a big deal, seeing as how he was a GameStop exclusive in the states and, as such, has proved rather difficult to find.

The timing of the restock is a little tricky, though, so let me help you figure out when you can get the Ness amiibo. Hong Kong is on HKT, of course, which is GMT+8. This also means the dates can be a little weird. So when it says 12pm HKT on June 30, 2015, that probably means sometime at night on June 29, 2015. If you head to Play-Asia tonight at 9pm PT/11pm CT/12am ET, you should catch the Ness amiibo when it restocks at between 12-1pm HKT. He’ll only be available while supplies last, so don’t be afraid to stalk.

The thing is, Play-Asia didn’t specify which product page the Ness amiibo restock applies to. So here’s a link to the Japanese version and US version. Odds are, the former is the one coming back in. He’ll only be $19.99 when he does appear, which is rather reasonable considering the standard price is $12.99, so be there if you need some Earthbound memorabilia.

Source [Play-Asia]

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