Jeff Jarrett returns to TNA Impact, will wrestle at Slammiversary pay-per-view

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Jeff JarrettWith Global Force Wrestling still seeking a TV deal, and TNA in danger of losing its spot, the two sides reached out to other. TNA founder Jeff Jarrett returned to the company he founded at the June 24 TV taping to announce he’ll wrestle in “his match,” the King of the Mountain at Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view. He’ll face Eric Young, Bobby Roode, Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy.

After parting on somewhat bitter terms (leaving a wrestling promotion to go into direct competition will do that) Jarrett and TNA are suddenly downright cozy. There are rumors that Jarrett will go into TNA’s Hall of Fame soon. Whether a company barely a decade old should have a Hall of Fame is up for debate. But it does, and its founder should be in there.

It looks as if there’s going to be some kind of talent-sharing agreement in place here, and there are rumors that the two might do some kind of “GFW Invasion” angle. At this point, the extra publicity couldn’t hurt. Most of the TNA stories I’ve written lately have been about rumors of its closing. Jarrett’s return, in any capacity, is making headlines. In pro wrestling an ally can become an enemy in the blink of the eye, in and out of the ring.

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