Stewart enemies on The Daily Show? Why not Bush?

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Stewart and Bush- together again?

Stewart and Bush- together again?

With Jon Stewart signing off the Daily Show is just over a month, preparations are being made for the final shows. And apparently, it will include visits from several of Stewart’s longtime nemeses:

According to a Page Six item, here’s how it may go down:

We hear that producers of “The Daily Show” have been reaching out to notables whom Stewart’s given grief over the past 17 years and asking them to take part in a segment that will be “their chance to turn the tables on him.”
Stewart’s last show is Aug. 6. Guests who take part in the pretaped segment, set to run as part of Stewart’s final show, will be given the green light to “basically tell Jon to ‘f–k off,’” a source said.
We hear the segment will have a lot of bleeped F-bombs hurled Stewart’s way. One person who’s been asked to take part in the farewell bit is Donald Trump — whose GOP presidential run Stewart blasted last week.

The item, while not confirming them as appearing, also lists Bill O’Reilly, Jim Cramer, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

This sounds promising, except that… Cramer has appeared on the show before, back in 2009, in maybe the most uncomfortable segment in Daily Show history. O’Reilly has been on numerous times, although his Stewart and Colbert appearances have always been terrible because O’Reilly has no sense of humor about himself and is unwilling to play along. Beck and Palin are, for lack of a better term, has-beens.

You know who hasn’t been on Stewart’s Daily Show as a guest? George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. So much of the show’s identity was wrapped around its battles with the Bush Administration, yet neither its ex-president or ex-vice president has ever appeared. (Lynne Cheney once went on the show, in 2007, and Donald Rumsfeld came on in 2011.)

How perfect a capper would it be for Stewart’s run as Daily Show host, if he had a full hour with Dubya? It would be like “Frost/Nixon,” only exponentially better.

Of course there’s nothing in it for Bush, and it’ll never happen. But if only…

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