Pokemon Shuffle headed from 3DS to Android, iOS

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PokemonShuffleMobile_MudkipStageEveryone’s favorite Pokemon-based, matching addition is going to get a larger audience. It turns out Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have decided Genius Sonority’s Pokemon Shuffle is ready for the big time. Not that it wasn’t “big” on the 3DS. Millions of people are playing it on Nintendo’s handheld after all. But the companies feel Android and iOS users are ready for Pokemon Shuffle Mobile too.

Yes, there’s a name change. Don’t let that worry you. The gameplay will remain untouched. Even on iOS and Android, Pokemon Shuffle Mobile will be about matching groups of three or more Pokemon to meet objectives and hopefully “defeat” enemy critters either within a certain number of moves or before time runs out.

Here’s a trailer. It’s reassuring and might help people who have never played Pokemon Shuffle understand why they’ll want to try Pokemon Shuffle Mobile in a few months.

There’s no release date or window, other than later in 2015. We’ll probably see it after September.

Pokemon Shuffle is a sufficiently fun game. Yes, it suffers from some free-to-play pitfalls. Most notably, the stamina system is terrible. Still, it’s rather fun and I recommend it. If you have a 3DS, give it a try.

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