Appidemic: Spirit of War: The Great War for iOS

If you like strategy games, Spirit of War: The Great War will provide some challenge.

Review: Sonic Runners is a decent fit for the old hedgehog

Sonic and his friends resume the struggle against Dr. Eggman.


Review: Siegefall for iOS is thoroughly enjoyable

Build your kingdom, then destroy others with dragonfire.

Appidemic: Game of Dragons for iPhone, iPod touch

Not the best from G5, but it should satisfy hidden object fans.

The Technology Tell Apple Channel’s best Mac game of E3 2015

D&D fans will be pleased, no matter on which side of the table they’re sitting.

E3 2015: Dan Tudge explains the roll of the DM in Sword Coast Legends [video]

A game so exciting, we had to visit its developers twice.

E3 2015: Master dungeons with Sword Coast Legends

I’m a bit of a pencil and paper traditionalist with D&D, but this game could very well make me a convert.

E3 2015: The dawning of the Age of Wushu Dynasty

Take your martial arts skills on the go with this mobile version of the PC favorite.

Appidemic: Hitman Sniper for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Alright Agent 47, keep it clean and make it quick, you don’t have much time.

Appidemic: Super Death Ray for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Not very lethal, virtually or literally, as far as super death rays go.

NOTTI Bluetooth Smart Light review

So, now I’m sitting here thinking Notti thoughts.

Appidemic: Zombiebucket for iOS

A variation on a well worn theme in games, but it is challenging.