2K offers iOS sale on revolutions, alien invasions, and more

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Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2

We’ve got a long weekend ahead of us, America, so what do you plan to with it? See some fireworks and celebrate our Independence from the mighty British Empire? That would seem rude, considering they’ve more than apologized by giving us Downton Abbey and The Kinks. Play some iOS games instead, and you can get those games on sale from 2K.

And hey, England, considering one of the games on sale is Sid Meier’s Revolution 2, why not recreate the American Revolution and set up your own new surprise ending?

From now through July 6th, these 2K games are on sale for the following price:

That’s a savings of $5.00 off each game, save for WWE 2K which saves you $2.00. Regardless, think of all the snap pops that’ll buy you!

Everyone be safe this Independence Day, and remember…those fireworks you’re setting off in your back yard aren’t just annoying, they’re also quite lame when compared to the town’s display, so just don’t bother, okay?

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