How comfortable would you be using a fingerprint-only smart lock?

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Anyone who has spent some time learning the skill of picking locks understands that a home’s locked doors are merely an illusion of security. Sufficient skills and/or the right tools is all it takes to gain entry through tumblers, sometimes in just mere minutes. I know I’ve been able to pick both locks on my front door in under 60 seconds.

ola smartlock keyless phonelessHome security takes up a sizeable slice of the ‘smarthome pie’ with its array of sensors, motion detectors, monitoring cameras, and alarms. For the most part, these devices are reactive. If you want to up your home security game, you’ll want to prevent unauthorized entry in the first place. And what better way than taking lock tumblers out of the equation.

The Ola smartlock is the first Bluetooth-enabled lock that needs no key or smartphone. Instead, Ola uses the latest in fingerprint technology to scan your thumb as you grab the handle to open the door. There’s no need for keys, which is nice. And there’s no need to worry about having Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone, or opening an app, or pairing or any of that nonsense. Just grab the handle and turn.

Unlike your everyday fingerprint sensors, the one in Ola uses a radio frequency signal to scan patterns underneath the surface of the skin. This means that someone won’t be able to use a fake fingerprint to gain access, since the fakes have no sub-dermal patterns. And it also means your thumb can be dirty as all-get-out, and you’ll still be able to open the door. Pretty smart.

Going fingerprint-only might feel a little scary, which is why Ola can still operate via Bluetooth 4.0 and the companion app. Access can be shared with permanent or temporary Bluetooth keys, which gives you ultimate control even when you’re not at home. As for battery life, Ola has an estimated 2-year lifespan on the 4 AA batteries before having to replace/recharge. And if that’s not good enough, Ola packs a backup AAA battery as well as a micro USB port for instant power.

The Ola fingerprint smartlock is currently funding on Kickstarter with weeks to go. Visit their campaign page for additional details and an up-close look.

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