TiVo in process of resurrecting the spirit of failed Aereo

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Just a couple months ago, TiVo had completed an auction purchase of Aereo’s assets. And if you recall, Aereo was the exciting new service whose business model ultimately failed against the legal system. Who wouldn’t like a cloud DVR that records OTA signals and makes it available to subscribers? Well, aside from TV networks, that is.

Tom Rogers TiVoBut the time for speculation about TiVo’s intent with Aereo assets is over, as the company has confirmed that it’s working on a new, ‘legal’ version of Aereo. There isn’t a whole lot of detail yet, but TiVo intends to put their acquisition to good use, and promises to share more about it by this summer.

There’s little doubt that developing a (legal) Aereo-type service is within the scope of TiVo’s growth model. Cord cutters are a growing market segment; people want to pay less by choosing only the video and channels they like.

For something as seemingly simple as television, the amount of sources, options, and packages available can be mind-boggling. TiVo stands a good chance to surge in popularity with a successful Aereo system that interfaces well and blends with other partners, such as Hulu and Netflix.

Done legally, TiVo’s use of an Aereo system may be able to benefit both the cable companies as well as end consumers.

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  • alexisshemale

    The question is how will they make it legal. When it should never have been made illegal in the first place. Blame the cable companies for that. Evil evil evil.

  • alexisshemale

    Scotus got that one wrong