Think you know IoT? Here’s your chance to prove it and win!

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I’ve had the opportunity to test and check out many a smart device, and I can tell you that not all Internet of Things are created equally. It’s all still kind of new – maybe more like a toddler instead of infancy – yet there is a lot of ground to cover before such products mature and hit their stride.

Now, I know how a lot of IoT/IoE apps and hardware can (should) be improved, but I don’t have the resources to do it. But maybe you do.

zwavelabs zwavealliance z-wave allianceZ-Wave Alliance, the team behind Z-Wave wireless products and services, has announced a competition to create and innovate on the Z-Wave platform. They’re looking for people, start-ups, or companies with big ideas and something to prove.

So if you have a design or idea for any IoT related industry (e.g.  residential, commercial, automotive, healthcare, energy, security), here’s your chance to win access to the Z-Wave Alliance as a full member for a year. Think of all the PR and tradeshows and marketing and all that good stuff to boost you and your excited, creative mind. Plus, winners gain the benefit of being paired with a Z-Wave community mentor for technical, marketing, and business development support.

There’s going to be one winner each month for 12 months, and the panel of judges are looking for innovation, functionality, engineering/design, ingenuity, application, marketability, and ease of use. Some rules are in place, so head on over to to read up on those and apply to the competition.

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