This ultimate backup battery just may change the world

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Hit up the gadget reviews section of Technology-Tell, and you’ll encounter a good handful that cover a wide selection for consumer use. Such external battery packs come in a variety of capacities, sizes, shapes, colors, and with some really great features. However, none of them have the potential to change the future of humankind and the world.

Meet the Tesla Powerwall, which is like a backup battery for your house. During the day, the Tesla Powerwall can store energy from a home’s solar panel array. Or it can store energy from the city’s power grid, but at lower rates. If you’ve never checked out how much you’re paying per kWh during peak usage hours, go do it. It’s equally shocking and enlightening.

tesla powerwall home solar battery smallIf you understand the convenience and utility of having an external battery pack in your pocket/backpack for your mobile devices, then you’ll be able to wrap your mind around the Tesla Powerwall. When disaster strikes and/or power goes out, the Tesla Powerwall keeps your home operational. But think beyond that, to a zero carbon world.

Versus installing and maintaining a far-reaching energy grid, solar panels are easier to deploy in remote areas. Regions with ample sunlight will be able to benefit from electricity through solar panels connected to the Powerwall. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about developed places or not, since solar and energy are practically universal.

The switch to solar energy means less reliance on traditional sources of electricity that come (primarily) from coal, gas, and nuclear power. Burnt coal pollutes the air with nasties and adds excess CO2, hydraulic fracking uses an insane amount of water to decimate shale to extract gas, and nuclear power plants have the rare tendency to go all Fukushima.

There is a cost involved with the Tesla Powerwall, of course. But what’s the worst that can happen long-term if everyone spent the bit of money for solar panels and this kind of battery? Cleaner air, healthier planet, and (practically) free energy? It’s a pretty nice downside to have.

You can pre-order the Tesla Powerwall at, and shipping is expected to start this summer. Fingers crossed that energy rebates will include the Powerwall for tax time, and help cushion the investment cost.

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