Wren V5US speaker does it all wirelessly with Air-Play, Play-Fi, and aptX

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We’re all taught to believe in the power of choice, despite the fact that it doesn’t always make our lives easier. If you’re at a water park and have to decide which slide to go on next – that’s a good choice situation. But if two of your most favorite bands are having separate concerts on the same night and you can pick only one to go see – that’s going to require some hard thinking!

Wren sound systems V5US speakerWren Sound Systems knows what’s up about good choice situations. And when you’re looking to pick out high-end audio for your home, why not go with a unit that does it all with looks, quality, and connectivity.

And that’s why Wren Sound Systems has introduced their latest V5US speaker with the tagline of “One Speaker. All Devices. Every Room.” Users have nothing to sacrifice with the Wren V5US as it features certified versions of Apple AirPlay, DTS Play-Fi, and Bluetooth with aptX wireless connectivity.

Now you can stream your music from any device in high-fidelity lossless audio.

The Wren V5US speaker may look familiar because it’s the latest in the V5 family, though it comes with different finishes from its brethren. But just like the others, users can expect top-notch craftsmanship and audio quality. Curious? Check out our review for the Wren V5BT speaker.

For a whole-home audio solution, up to eight Wren V5US speakers can be linked together in one network. A single device can stream music to a single speaker or to different zones. Multiple devices can stream music to individual speakers. With the high quality audio output, ease of use, and near-universal device compatibility, the only choice you have left is deciding what song to listen to where!

One Speaker. All Devices. Every Room.” – Wren V5US

The Wren Sound System V5US speaker is available now in either Wenge (dark wood) or Anigre (a light wood). Visit for a list of retail partners and full specs on the V5US speaker.

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