Upgrading to the iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6? Turn old devices into home security

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Sometimes the thrill of upgrading to a brand new mobile device can be tempered by that feeling of waste. It’s part of technology culture, where the latest features and powerful hardware come with the latest models. Given the marketing push behind new releases as well as discounts through mobile carriers, it’s hard not to want to trade in older devices for the new.

But then there’s that bit of guilt, when you realize maybe an upgrade wasn’t really, truly necessary.

Presence ios android app security cameraSo why not set those bad feeling aside by repurposing your older smartphone into something useful. I mean, you paid a pretty good penny for it, right? And if it still works perfectly fine, why not transform it into a home surveillance camera.

Presence, an award-winning app created by People Power, is now available for Android devices running OS versions 4.0 or later. The Presence app harnesses the camera powers of tablets and smartphones, and puts them to work as part of your modern smarthome automation and security, no matter if you’re using iOS, Android, or a web browser.

Install the Presence app, set up the device (don’t forget to have it connected to power!), and take advantage of key features for free. You can view live video feeds, enjoy two-way communication, set up motion detection, receive alerts, capture pictures & video, and more.  The app is free and also provides 50MB of encrypted cloud video storage for recordings.

Users who want more can upgrade to a Presence subscription account for advanced features and more recording space.

So if an Apple iPhone 6 is in your future, download Presence from iTunes. And if a Samsung Galaxy S6 is your next big thing, you can download Presence from Google Play. Visit the Presence website for more details and OS compatibility.

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  • Casey Miller

    I gave my old iphone to a friend but he already got a new one so i’m gonna show this post to him and maybe get him to convert the phone I gave into a home security system.

    • Stanley Goodner

      It seems so simple, yet if such practices become widely-adopted, it can make a huge impact on natural resources and reducing electronic waste!