Want a smart way to improve health, nutrition in the kitchen?

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There are many ways, big and small, to upgrade a home to make it smarter. Things like lights, home monitoring cameras, alarm systems, and thermostats are the usual suspects. But what if you want something beyond a simple convenience or peace of mind? So then how about a smart kitchen device that encourages better eating and a healthier lifestyle?

Countertop happens to fill that role. Think of it as your assistant that helps make the kitchen work for you and not the other way around. Maybe you or someone else doesn’t like to cook due to lack of knowledge or guidance. Or maybe you’ve been wanting a better method of tracking food intake and nutrition. Either way, prepare for the enlightenment of Countertop.

Countertop food appThe actual Countertop unit functions as a precise food scale to measure the amount of ingredients being used. When paired with the free app, currently available for iOS, it logs the food you prep without any guessing. And the more you use Countertop, the faster it learns the food you like as well as your daily routines.

Countertop also syncs with fitness trackers to provide the best food recommendations. If you didn’t get enough sleep, you might need breakfast with a little more pick-me-up. Worked out at the gym for an extra 40 minutes? Countertop will suggest a meal to provide the optimal amount of nutrition needed, usually with a good idea of ingredients you are likely to have on-hand.

The app provides easy access to an entire library of recipes, complete with step-by-step instructions. Countertop empowers your health as well as kitchen skills. That last part is pretty important, because I know lots of people who are intimidated by the kitchen. But now you can dig in and improve your lifestyle.

On top of all this, Countertop can expand itself to other appliances for seamless operation. If you have a crockpot slow cooker and/or a Vitamix blender, the adapters are quick-install. It even works with the new Apple Watch.

Countertop is available for pre-order right now, with shipping expected fall 2015. Visit for more information and product details about Countertop.

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