Love light? Then you’ll want the Philips Hue Go

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By now, you’ve sure to have been exposed to all sorts of LED bulbs from a variety of brands. Both the standard and the wireless kind. So far, the wide majority of these offerings have been of the A19 type that goes into a traditional lamp socket. If you haven’t experienced the ultimate convenience of wirelessly controlling and/or dimming your lamps with a smartphone, you’re totally missing out.

Philips Hue Go LED lamp nightWouldn’t it be great to take that kind of lighting power and put it anywhere else in the home? That’s exactly what Philips has done with the Hue Go. As a leader in lighting products, Philips has been one to innovate new products and designs for businesses consumers, and the Hue Go is the latest for anyone who wants a portable, connected lamp.

When it’s controlled by a simple switch, a lamp is just light. But when you’ve got a selection of colors and lighting effects, a lamp becomes a tool that transforms spaces to create a mood. The Philips Hue Go works with and without a connected mobile device running the Philips Hue app.

A simple touch on the lamp is all it takes to choose between seven different lighting effects. But with the app, the range of colors shoots up to 16 million, more than enough to match any mood or occasion.

The best part about the Philips Hue Go is the built-in battery. Simply unplug the lamp from its base and enjoy up to six hours or functional and/or mood lighting wherever you choose to place it. Be it a table centerpiece for dinner or a directional light for nighttime reading, the Philips Hue Go personalizes spaces in a portable form.

The Philips Hue Go is expected to be available for purchase by the beginning of June 2015.

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