TCL Roku partnership bears fruit, new TV models available 2015

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Just last year TCL Roku TV earned awards for “Best TV of 2014” and “Editor’s Choice” from PC Magazine. This year, consumers either new to the brand or just awaiting new models can start planning their streaming binges right now. TCL has just announced it will be offering 11 new models of its Roku TV lineup for 2015.

TCL Roku 32S 3700If you ask any Roku user why they love it, prepare to have your ear talked off (doubly so if you’ve run into my sister). In short, Roku creates an accessible, smart TV streaming platform that undergoes continuous updates with added features and channels. Now users will have more options for TV sizes, designs, and pricing.

The TCL Roku TV 3700 series, considered a refresh of the much-acclaimed 4610 series, will be available by the end of this month. Those who want a little pizzaz can expect the 3800 Design Series and 3850 Decorator Series to launch sometime in the second quarter.

Size and pricing for the TCL Roku TV 3700 series are set for: 32” model 32S3700 ($219 MSRP), 48” model 48S3700 ($429MSRP), and 55” model 55S3700 ($598 MSRP). The 3800 and 3850 series each will include a 40” size in addition to the rest.

There is no word on pricing and availability for the 3800 and 3850 series yet. Visit the TCL website for more information about the company and existing product lineup.

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