Free new features for Amazon Fire TV, TV Stick announced

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The Amazon TV Stick hasn’t been out for that long, and the company is already looking to send out free updates. Awesome. It’s no wonder that the “Customer response to Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick has been overwhelming”, because the TV Stick packs some great hardware and user interface. But now we can look forward to it getting even better.

Since this update will come over-the-air, users shouldn’t have to do anything else except keep streaming as normal. Those living in the UK and Germany can now go and purchase their own Amazon Fire TV Stick, too.

amazon fire tvThe one update that I’m personally looking forward to is the captive portal support. Many will know this as a web browser authentication when connecting to a wireless network, most common when staying at hotels or some universities. So now you can go on vacation and access the shows and entertainment you like through the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, instead of having to suffer with whatever the hotel room TV provides.

If you had any concerns about hoarding apps and games on your Fire TV (TV only, no Stick), this update will provide expandable USB storage. Download to your heart’s content and be guilt-free when picking up all the free apps Amazon makes available daily.

Like to stay up late binge-watching? This free update will let Fire TV users listen privately via wireless Bluetooth headphones. You’ll be able to rock videos and/or music as loud as you like without keeping everyone else in the house up awake with your shenanigans. Not bad.

Amazon Prime members will be able to browse and search Prime Playlists for music to listen to. Whether you’re setting it for a certain mood, activity, artist, or decade, you’ll be sure to find great tunes. Maximize that Prime membership benefit!

Lastly, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks will gain hidden PIN entry and new shortcuts. Keeps the snoops from unauthorized access or purchases, and enjoy an easy way to sleep your Amazon Fire device.

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