New HP devices to feature premium Bang & Olufsen sound

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When the topic of “quality audio” is brought up, it’s very unlikely that anyone mentions laptop speakers in the discussion. Sure, there may be some exceptions to that rule, but I can’t remember the last time someone got excited to jam tunes for me from their laptop.

The teeny, tinny speakers with the most basic of audio hardware is typically par for the course. Manufacturers do this in order to keep costs down and make affordable laptops and tablets. But as interest in better audio quality increases throughout the masses, it’s about to change.

HP bang olufsenHP and Bang & Olufsen have just announced a partnership that will instill premium sound inside of HP devices. Bang & Olufsen has a history – almost a century’s worth – of delivering excellent audio experiences. We’re,  talking materials, construction, and sound signature. Go check their BeoPlay H8 headphones, or lineup of sound system for the home, and tell me they’re all not gorgeous. I know. Stunning.

So if you’re looking to upgrade a PC, laptop, or tablet soon, and you like to enjoy high-quality audio, you won’t want to miss what HP will showcase this spring. Together, Bang & Olufsen and HP will custom tune the sound for each product, ensuring signal isolation and audio accuracy.

Headphones, speakers, streaming, all of it will feature the crisp quality Bang & Olufsen is known for. If you happen to have a fantastic sound system that you like to tap into at home, you can rest assured the B&O + HP device won’t be the weakest link in the audio chain.

On top of that, users will be able to further tune sounds with a custom audio control panel. Pick from existing, optimized presets for your movies and music, or dig in and manually tune however you like. All you need to look for is the Bang & Olufsen or B&O Play brand seal of approval on the HP products.

<Source: marketwired>

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