Trinity Audio opens pre-orders for affordable audiophile IEMs

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What’s better than a successful Kickstarter campaign? One that also has a team who communicates, updates, and delivers. Just last month, Trinity Audio Engineering wrapped up a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for their high-end in-ear headphones. Today, they’re making the final preparations before shipping out all backer rewards. And this means you can visit their website, to pre-order your own right now.

Trinity Audio Engineering TechneEach model of Trinity Audio headphones – Hyperion, Techne, and Delta – feature CNC machined aluminum shells and unique multi-weave cables. Not only are they compact and lightweight for ultimate comfort, but they have audiophile-grade sound signatures with a filter tuning system (Techne & Delta).

If you want excellent sound without the fuss of swapping filters, the Trinity Audio Hyperion is the lightest and most affordable. Those who prefer to customize their sound will want to choose from either the Trinity Audio Techno or Delta. Both of those models feature swappable filters for a focus on bass (fun), treble (vivid), or neutral (smooth) sound.

Trinity Audio Engineering DeltaWhether paired with a DAC/AMP or simply plugged into a smartphone, all of Trinity Audio’s products have a focus on providing the best detail and accuracy for listening experiences. In fact, part of the development process included the input and feedback from a few members of

But the best part of Trinity Audio in-ear headphones is the affordable price. Now, anybody can enjoy quality craftsmanship as well as high-end sound without having to pay through the nose. If you want to keep tabs with the shipping status of Trinity Audio Engineering’s campaign, visit their Kickstarter page here. Otherwise, head on over to their main site and pre-order your very own today!

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