VR or mobile gaming? Take Nod Labs’ wireless ring controller with you

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Remember when the Nod gesture control ring was creating a bit of buzz last year? Although you may not have heard much about Nod since then, the company has been hard at work fine-tuning their product as well as creating a brand new one. On top of it all, Nod Labs has just announced closing $13.5 million series A funding.

nod backspin wearable gesture ringSo what does this mean to us average consumers? The industry has taken a great interest in 3D gesture control, tracking, and input. This kind of support will help maintain Nod Labs’ position as a leader in this arena. And as a showing that the company has the chops to deliver great consumer products, Nod Labs has also announced its latest product.

The Nod Backspin is the first multi-platform controller designed with VR in mind. It’s like they’ve taken the heart and shape of the original Nod ring and expanded it with additional buttons and a joystick. I kind of want this as my everyday controller for standard mobile games – forget about VR (ok not really, but you know what I mean)!

Right now the Nod Ring and Nod Backspin support Google Cardboard, Oculus DK2, OSVR HMD, Samsung Gear VR, and ZEISS VR One. If you own 3DR, DJI, or Parrot drones, you can control those with the Nod Ring or Backspin. And these wearable control devices are compatible with all operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and OS X.

I’ve used some one-handed gaming controllers in the past and loved the experience. But the Nod Backspin takes it to a completely new level. Visit the Nod Backspin product page for additional details and to place an order. They’re currently backordered, but if you’re a developer you can get priority and skip ahead of the rest of us non-developers.

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