Forget about 2D. Holus bumps entertainment to 3D holographic glory

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The world we live in and interact with is three dimensional. Chairs, books, and even the technology we handle on a daily basis has substance on three axis. Digital content? Most all of that is flat. But if you’re curious to take a peek into the future of digital entertainment, then look no further than Holus.

holus kickstarterHolus is able to transform 2D content into a 3D experience right in your home, on your table. It’s a pretty incredible feat, considering how millions still hold the hologram of a princess, projected by an R2-series astromech droid, in the highest esteem. This takes 3D visualization to an entirely new level. And Holus can connect with PCs, smartphones, and tablets across most all operating systems.

With four different angles to look from, Holus allows more than one person to engage in the same content (e.g. games), unlike some handheld screen. In addition to being able to turn 2D into 3D, Holus has partnerships with Leap Motion, Emotiv, and Occipital for support of gesture recognition and mind control.

Yeah, you heard me. Mind control.

The Holus platform is completely open, and the team is looking to support the developer community in the creation of new and awesome ideas. And if they really want to make it big, then there will be a huge focus on games and visual content. How could one not want to play and interact with a mobile game in 3D?

Check out all the videos on the Holus Kickstarter campaign page. It’s only a few hours is and it has reached more than double the campaign goal!

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