Want to customize, transform your audio environment? These buds do it.

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One little gadget that I almost always have with me when I go out is the Doppler Labs DUBS filters. Whether it’s deciding, on a whim, to hit up a local venue for a live performance, or if I want to quiet the street noise while sitting and working at a coffee shop, my DUBS filters are there. It’s one of the best things you can get for $25. But now they’ve gone and outdone themselves.

Doppler Labs Here Active Listening SystemDoppler Labs has just launched their latest set of audio filters, which packs in some impressive tech. The Here Active Listening System is sort of like a pair of DUBS, except that users can control and customize the sound-filtering experience. Is the world too loud for you at the moment? Turn the volume down. Want to change how you hear things at the moment? Tweak the environment with an equalizer, sound effects, or pre-set filters.

Just to be clear, the Here Active Listening System does not stream music or work as voice communication as do standard earbuds or Bluetooth earpieces. But it does have a digital signal processor (DSP) and Bluetooth that act as the mind and muscle of the device. And It’s completely wireless with an internal battery that lasts six hours on a charge.

The Doppler Labs Here Active Listening System works with a paired smartphone and the companion app. All it takes is a few quick touches to fine-tune frequencies to diminish the din of office chatter, traffic noise, or airplane engines. Latency? Imperceptible. Fit? The low-profile design keeps it discreet, and there Here Active Listening System comes with multiple silicone tips for all ear sizes. Not only that, the included carrying case has its own internal battery good for two additional charges.

Visit the Doppler Labs’ Here Active Listening System Kickstarter campaign page for full information and more photos. Pledge now to be one of the first to get it – don’t wait until retail sales open up! This gadget is for everyone who cares about how and what they listen to.

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