Samsung decides round is in, because Apple did it first

In the latest smartwatch news, Samsung appears to be working on a round watch dubbed The Next Gear. It’ll feature a rotating bezel around the screen.

Amazon envisions instant-gratification UAV delivery, right in your hands

Amazon is looking to provide a “Bring It To Me” delivery option in the near future. By paying a bit more (you know you’ll have to pay more for the convenience), users can have products delivered right to their current location, likely via GPS and mobile positioning data.

Vodafone’s budget devices arrive with healthy specs, Lollipop, 4G

If you’re in the market for great value and bang-for-your-buck hardware, Vodafone has just introduced a pair of smartphones and a tablet for new- and performance-users in mind. You can pick up the Smart Tab Prime 6 tablet, and Smart prime 6 and Smart first 6 smartphones on a pay as you go plan. Or more »


These crowdfunding projects seek chumps & their easy money

Browsing projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo is, in a way, similar to checking out garage sales. You know that most of the stuff there is going to be junk and/or overpriced and/or irrelevant to your needs. But that’s not why we look – it’s the shining gems and special finds that make it exciting and fun. more »

Companies set to suffer as Apple, Samsung buddy up again

Over the past couple of years, news about the conflicts between Samsung and Apple have drawn eyes, comments, and speculation. It makes for pretty exciting reading, especially for the curious and gossipy. But unknown to many, Apple and Samsung have had beneficial, working relationships with each other.

Waiting for the Surface Pro 4? Tip points to mid-May reveal

You’ve got to hand it to Microsoft for improving their Surface Pro line over the years, and generating huge buzz and excitement. Those eagerly waiting for information about the anticipated Surface Pro 4 may only have a couple weeks left. At least that’s what a secret source has indicated.

Want the best headphones ever? Here’s your chance to make it happen

Do you think you know what the best headphones should be? You can show the world your vision for the next generation of sound.

PayPal sanctions violations lead to $7.7M fine

PayPal has agreed to pay a $7.7 million fine due to its violation of sanctions. The US does not let companies like PayPal effectively do business with citizens of certain countries, but PayPal was facilitating the transfer of money to sanctioned areas.

Universal wants Spotify to limit free streaming

Some of the larger music labels and musicians are not content with Spotify’s free music streaming option. One of them, Universal, may be pressuring the streaming service to limit and restrict its free tier. Sources close to the label say it has begun pushing for those restrictions during licensing negotiations, but Spotify does have a more »

Sony plans for $4.2B operating profit by 2018

Sony has set its sights on a $4.2 billion operating profit by 2018. Over the next three years, Sony has plans to change many operations in order to get out of its slump and reach that financial goal. A lengthy turnaround plan has been introduced by Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai that includes spinning off its video-and-sound business.

NEOH smart 3D headphones now available for pre-order

If you’re an avid gamer, or one who likes to enjoy movies in the quiet comfort of headphones, then 3D Sound Labs has what can be your best unbirthday present ever. Ever. The company has just opened up pre-orders for their NEOH smart 3D headphones on Kickstarter, with deliveries anticipated to commence this summer.

Netflix will expand to Japan in the fall

Japan is one of the upcoming markets that will receive Netflix streaming for movies and TV shows. Netflix has announced it will introduce streaming services to the market in the fall. Little was said about the launch in the company’s post about the expansion. Though, Netflix did say it would have a lot of Japanese-specific content available for streaming upon launch.