Lowepro waterproof camera bag review

Cameras and water don’t mix but a waterproof camera bag makes it possible to protect cameras on rivers, lakes, or the ocean. On a recent rafting trip of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho, I was thankful that I had the Lowepro BP 40L backpack to keep my camera equipment dry along the 90-plus miles of whitewater splashing into the boat on the 6-day ROW adventures expedition.

Lenovo Vibe Shot unofficially goes on sale stateside starting at $378

Well, isn’t this a nice surprise. For shutterbugs not afraid of experimenting, at least. Remember the smartphone/digital camera hybrid that Lenovo unveiled back in early March to show Samsung these half-breeds don’t have to send beastly Frankensteinian vibes? Although the Vibe Shot was never confirmed for a wide-scale US launch, resourceful importers got their hands more »

Finally. A selfie-stick for non-narcissists/-psychopaths

Considering the overwhelming backlash and criticism of “selfie sticks”, it takes a set of cojones to market a new product with such striking resemblance and overlapping use. Coachella made a point to ban selfie sticks and narcissists at their 2015 show. But “totems” and “stuffed animals” were also listed as prohibited, so I’m not sure how serious to take them.

Think Tank Streetwalker Camera Backpack -Cure for Photographer Backaches

In my recent quest for the perfect camera bag, I’ve been trying out a Think Tank backpack and modular belt. The [easyazon-link asin=”B001OOKFJM” locale=”us”]Think Tank Streetwalker Pro Backpack[/easyazon-link] and [easyazon-link asin=”B0032BH46M” locale=”us”]Pro Speed Belt[/easyazon-link] with modular accessory bags has proven to be comfortable, good protection, and makes it easy to access my equipment. Actually, I more »

Finding the right camera bag

Perhaps you received a bundle when you bought your DSLR that included a camera bag and a tripod. It seemed like a good deal until you put your telephoto lens in the bag, and in your haste to get a shot, you didn’t connect the buckles. The bag tipped and the lens dropped to the ground. I’ve had it happen to me and have seen it happen to others.


R.I.P. iPhoto: First look and tips for Yosemite’s Photos app

For all those who love the Photos apps on iPad and iPhone, it will come as good news that the same format has arrived on the Photos app on Macs with Yosemite. The 10.10.3 update includes the Photos app that completely replaces iPhoto and changes everything about how we manage photos on a Mac. Here more »


Give up, society, there’s a selfie stick slap bracelet

I’m certain that by this point, you’ve come across a selfie stick in your daily life. Whether it’s tourists or annoying teenagers, they’ve become ubiquitous (much to my dismay). And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I came across the Pop Stick selfie stick slap bracelet. Basically, it’s a Bluetooth-enabled bracelet that uncurls into a selfie stick. You know, so you can bring your selfie stick wherever you go in a convenient and portable fashion.

Asus caters to camera pros and selfie maniacs with ZenFlash and LolliFlash

To no one’s surprise, Asus launched the highly anticipated Zenfone 2 in its homeland, pricing it very sensibly, even in a 4 GB RAM configuration. The unexpected parts of the recent Taiwan introduction event were two never-before-seen camera accessories headed to stores in a matter of weeks.

Lenovo gives smartphone/camera hybrids a shot with the Vibe Shot

It’s a handsome albeit quirky-looking smartphone. No, it’s a point-and-shoot digital camera. No, it’s a professional smart cam. A top-shelf cameraphone? A freakish crossover device of sorts? Actually, it’s all that, and more. It’s Lenovo’s Vibe Shot, targeted at shutterbugs seeking the best of both worlds, as well as a standout “accessory”. Now, the Vibe more »


An ode & a review of “Solo Stick” by the Millennial who won’t get off your lawn

Ah, the #selfie. If there’s a more culturally relevant Millennial invention, I have yet to find it. The selfie changed the game, down to the very fundamentals of humanity. CES 2015 was the land of bifurcated tech gurus. One half patrolled the show floor with a selfie stick taking awesome, wide-angle shots of themselves in front more »

Getting the shot with Izzi Remix lens iPhone case

With Izzi’s new Remix lens iPhone case you always have lenses to enhance your iPhone pictures immediately available. The five-in-one lenses fit over the iPhone camera lens for wide angle, macro, and telephoto pictures. It’s a simple solution to get more from your best camera—the iPhone that you always have with you. While picture quality is generally good, the case has a few issues.

Now you can post selfies to.. breakfast toast

Whether it’s the ultimate accessory for the known narcissist in your life, a means to stake claim on bread at an aggressive breakfast table, or because you own pictures that are oh-so-cute-that-you-can’t-stand-it-and-must-consume-it, you can now eat your selfies. Yup, the Selfie Toaster exists, and it comes straight from the unique crazy geniuses at Hammacher Schlemmer. more »