Digital Sky touch screens will transform coach flying forever

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During the recent Passenger Experience Conference in Hamburg, Germany, the new Thales Digital Sky touch screens were on display for future travelers to gawk at.  These 21.3″ touch screen embedded seat accessories may become the coach traveler’s best friend.  With these new seats, which don’t take up any more room than a standard coach seat, travelers will be able to enjoy their flight with greater access to technology.

These screens are “off-the-shelf” type models, based on information from The Points Guy, making them a much more affordable option for most Airlines. Still, “Aircraft manufacturers do seem to be taking Digital Sky seriously, judging from the response it was getting during my demo,” the blog said.

Below are a few shots taken during an interview given to Zach Honig from The Points Guy:

Thales touch screen









Thales touch screens seats











These seats and screens offer more than just movie watching, you can browse the in-flight magazine, other magazines in digital format, play games and preview your destination with video experiences of where you are going.

No word yet as to anyone partnering or dealing with Thales for these devices yet, but I am sure once they gain traction, they will really “take off”.

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  • waltercarroll

    That is correct that These seats and screens offer more than just movie watching. If you travel once you cannot travel any where else. This would become addiction because they are owesome.

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  • Sunirmal Das

    Yes, it will transform coach flying forever,
    thanks for your such piece of great post.