WWDC 2016 – Apple provides tickets via Lottery System

With the 2016 WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference), Apple is providing the widely popular tickets via a lottery system.  Developers can begin the application process for tickets and registration goes through April 22, 2016 at 10pm.   This year, Apple is giving access to over 1,000 Apple engineers to the attending developers, and they will more »

iPhone 7: Concept, Reality or Dream

Rumors are still flying around that the iPhone 7 will be released this year (2016).  Nothing official from Apple at this point, only a lot of speculation and hype. Flush mount camera, thinner, lighter, more durable, both a front AND rear screen.  No button, ports, connectors, etc.  Apple’s concept is to go completely wireless and more »

Apple to release second Beta for iOS 9.3 to Developers

Apple has set the second beta for iOS 9.3 out to developers on Monday, January 25th, just about two weeks after the initial release of the updated OS.  This comes after last month’s public release of iOS 9.2.  Seems as though the update track for new releases is coming faster than ever.  It is true that more »

Apple lawsuit wrap-up for June 2015

June 2015 saw a number of Apple lawsuits that didn’t go their way.

The Technology Tell Apple Channel’s surprise finds of E3 2015

A fantasy board game for Mac and an iOS MOBA with a promising single-player element.


Opinion: Apple is wrong to remove the Confederate flag from the App Store

A misuse of the immense power Apple has over what apps can be used on its devices.


Steve Jobs is a martial arts action hero in “Eve’s Hungry”

A war between Apple and Google threatens the entire world with nuclear armageddon.

E3 2015 game profile: Goliath for Mac, PC and Linux

What’s better…building giant robots or fighting in them?

E3 2015 game profile: Ace of Arenas for iOS and Android

It’s time to take a dedicated look at some of the more impressive titles we demoed at E3.

The Technology Tell Apple Channel’s best iOS game of E3 2015

For the best pure iOS game, we one again turn to Square Enix and Lara Croft Go.

The Technology Tell Apple Channel’s best Mac game of E3 2015

D&D fans will be pleased, no matter on which side of the table they’re sitting.

E3 2015: Kobojo’s Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey for iOS is perfect…for now

I’m as excited about Zodiac as I am about any game that came out of E3, but…