iPhone 7: Concept, Reality or Dream

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Rumors are still flying around that the iPhone 7 will be released this year (2016).  Nothing official from Apple at this point, only a lot of speculation and hype.

Flush mount camera, thinner, lighter, more durable, both a front AND rear screen.  No button, ports, connectors, etc.  Apple’s concept is to go completely wireless and have all options, exports, sync, transfers, etc. happen over wireless or Bluetooth.

One of the more interesting options (or lack thereof), is that there potentially will be NO headphone jack!  Again, wireless and Bluetooth will take over.

It is also said to be a rumor that there may be up to 3 new iPhones released around the 7, as to have different options and models of features. has a really cool concept slide deck if you would like to watch it:

iPhone7 slidedeck

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